Updated: High Noon in Hong Kong: Negotiating over the Nomination Committee for the 2017 Chief Executive Election

You are invited to the seminar “High Noon in Hong Kong:” Negotiating over the Nomination Committee for the 2017 Chief Executive Election.  

Dr. David Zweig (崔大偉)
Chair Professor, Division of Social Science
Director, Center on Environment, Energy and Resource Policy
Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

Mr. Yuen Pau Woo (胡元豹)
President and CEO, Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada

Date: May 27, 2014, Tuesday
Time: 10:30 AM to 12:00 PM
Venue: Richard Charles Lee Canada-Hong Kong Library
8th floor
Robarts Library
130 St. George Street
University of Toronto

Please RSVP to events.rclchkl@utoronto.ca by May 21, 2014. More event details attached.

Here is a media report about the event:
Singtao: http://news.singtao.ca/toronto/2014-05-28/city1401259631d5071891.html
Farichild TV: http://www.fairchildtv.com/news.php?n=c322182e6279fd00cf24101223265689


Update: Governance in Hong Kong – Anson Chan and Martin Lee

What a wonderfully lively discussion we had yesterday at the event Governance in Hong Kong – Updates by Anson Chan and Martin Lee! Thank you to everyone who attended. The following are media reports for yesterday’s event:


Fairchild TV:

OMNI News: